Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sambal Ikan Bilis Kering

Sometimes the best things in life comes in the simplest form. The unassuming ikan bilis or anchovy is one of the most common item to feature in Malaysian food, especially as a condiment to give your stir-fried vege or soup that added fishy taste. And with kick-ass sambal, this side dish never fails to make my mouth water, especially if the ikan bilis is crisp and fried to perfection. The same stuff sold in Malay stalls tend to offer limp, soft anchovies so my mum's version is dry, crispy, spicy and makes a perfect afternoon snack when sandwiched between white bread or as an appetiser with steamed white rice!


1 bowl of ikan bilis (preferably the white type, minus the head)

1 handful cili kering (dried chillis)

8 small red onions (shallots)

1 spoonful sugar

cooking oil

salt to taste

3 limes


1. Soak the dried chillis in hot water for a few minutes and remove.

2. Blend the red onions and remove. Next blend the red chillis and remove.

3. Add oil and fry the ikan bilis till crisp and remove.

4. Then fry the onion for about 3 minutes and add the chilli paste. Continue frying till fragrant.

5. Add the sugar and continue frying.

6. Add the ikan bilis, and give it a final toss, and your dish is ready.

7. Serve with sliced limes on the side and squeeze some for that added oomph.

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